About our Company

Manna continues its work implementing sustainable technologies through investment in Sweetsense Inc. for instrumented field monitoring and control systems of infrastructure deployed in remote communities.

Previously, Manna developed the first United Nations Clean Development Mechanism project for drinking water treatment in developing countries, and successfully developed and registered the first Gold Standard carbon credit water treatment program, one of the largest privately financed water treatment programs in history, currently providing access to clean water to more than 4.5 million people in Kenya's Western Province. This component of our enterprise was acquired in 2013 by DelAgua Health, a division of the DelAgua Group, the leading manufacturer and supplier of one of the world's leading microbiological water testing kits. 



Manna Energy Limited

Manna is a social enterprise committed to the eradication of poverty through the implementation of sustainable, environmentally sound technologies for clean energy, clean water and self-sustainable economies that foster health and education.